Size issues

Size issues

I empathise with some of my friends’ shock when they hear I’ve no idea what’s going on with Peru outside of Lima and that I haven’t travelled through the country already. Yeah, I love travelling, and that’s something that connects me with many of my friends. However, travelling in this part of the world is quite different for a simple reason - Peru is a fucking giant.

Bulgaria is notorious for its poor roads, railroads and public transport compared to almost every other European country. Still, even with the mortally slow trains, you could cross the country in about 8 hours. If you drive from Sofia, in about 10 hours, you could reach the capitals of 14 countries unless you’re very unlucky at the borders. Hop on a plane, and in less than four hours, you could visit tens of countries across Europe, North Africa and Asia. So, yeah, I love travelling from Bulgaria.Peru is a beast with okay roads, basically non-existent railroads, and apparently great intercity buses. If you start in Lima and drive for 10 hours, you can’t even exit the country. If you go north, you may reach Trujillo, the third biggest city in Peru, which everyone says is super dangerous but pretty. If you go south, you can go halfway to Arequipa, the second biggest city in Peru. If you go east, you’ll need to drive slowly through the Andes and maybe battle altitude sickness.

Actually, if you somehow get godlike powers, lift Peru from South America and drop it over Europe, it’ll connect Sofia, London, Paris and Copenhagen. I guess it’ll also be the reason for genocide and an apocalyptic event.

Peru on top of Europe

Yeah, I haven’t been travelling around Peru because this country feels like a continent. So, if you need travelling tips around here, I will do my best to help and tell you to plan flying. Either way, consider including me in your plans and take extra vacation for the inevitable 20+ hours bus rides, thanks.

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