About, but in English

This is the personal blog of soregashi a.k.a. Ilia Temelkov. My hair hasn't turned white due to the recent events, I just decided now is a good time to be a blond man ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Having a blog in 2021 is a bit weird, but old habits die hard. I'll try to publish something on a weekly basis, but I'm not making any promises about it.

I love writing, and through the years, I did it for publications such as Capital, Pari, Manager, WebCafe, Light, Mobile News, and others. I was an editor, managing editor and chief editor of Bulgaria's biggest tech magazine HiComm, which taught me a lot and almost made me give up working at media. For a while, I was a PR specialist at Telenor Bulgaria, and that's how I started hating and then falling back in love with media.

Currently, I am co-creating the tech podcast Tranzistor and I do some other things related to writing, photography and video, but it is too early to talk about any of them. I am still in love with all things tech and geek, that's why I love my Spider-Man t-shirt.

I am active on Twitter. Less on Facebook and Instagram. I answer at temelkovv on Google's Mail.

My old blog is all in Bulgarian and available at archive.itemelkov.com.

Същото, но на български.

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